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Highly Suspect AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL... From a Patriot. Dear Citizens of the United States and to whomever else it may concern, I will keep this as brief as I possibly can, yet I will be thorough. I am very much aware of all of the different opinions of me. Some of which are flattering almost to the point of embarrassment while others reduce my being to a "Libtard" or a "spoiled rich kid that has no idea what he is talking about". My father recently told me he heard from someone that claims to know me that I'm gay to which I replied "I wish, I would be the proudest homosexual ever." Because as most of you know by know, I can not hold my tongue. Most of what I read or hear is usually some laughable fantasy and yet I take it in stride because I recognize the need for some people to fabricate wild fan fictions that help them understand what they cannot. I feel it is necessary (if not my duty) as an American with a voice that can easily be heard, as a taxpayer, and as a Patriot to exercise the right to free speech and explain to you why I will not "Stick to my music and keep my mouth shut." If that is the sole basis of your commentary after reading this, to tell me to keep my mouth shut that is your right. I will still fight to to save your future even while you spit in my face. The "shut up and play music comments" will have a reason to rest after you read this. I wish to dispel that notion. I wish to educate you so grab a seat. I was born in Hyannis, Massachusetts in 1986. I would live on Cape Cod for six weeks before being relocated to the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. For the next 6-7 years I would be raised deep in the woods; in tents and cabins, and only by my long haired-heavily tattooed-biker father, along with the dogs and cats that we kept. To say these were the most fundamentally important and magical times of my life would be an understatement. It was here that I would learn what it meant to be an American. I can remember watching my father shooting all of his guns at the creative targets we would build. I remember the smell of the powder hovering in the cold and frosted air from the many pistols, rifles, and shotguns we kept. One of the most satisfying experiences to me at the time was the feeling I would get after silently piercing a raw egg with my pellet gun and watching the clear slime drip down the shell. I can remember the time I thought I might have to put my skills to the test when I watched my father one evening in a tense snowy standoff with a big bear outside of our cabin. I watched as he slowly but deliberately walked around the bear and unclipped our (at this point frantic) Dog, Joseph, from his rope and then drag him inside the house to safety. I can remember riding on the back of my dad's shovelhead (or panhead depending on the day) many miles into town to fill the saddlebags with rice and cigarettes. I can remember walking through the woods to the well to fetch so many gallons of water to drink and I remember the makeshift shower my father built using a bilge pump and some length of garden hose; the way the cold water felt so pure on my tiny body. I can remember playing with my rusty yellow metal Tonka truck. I remember developing an imagination... when you have so little, almost anything is possible. I could sit with my eyes closed and be anywhere doing anything. I can remember chasing snakes and frogs, grabbing cats by the tail and trying not to get scratched. I remember my crusty little dirt-bike that was made from all sorts of weird parts and I remember the jumps i would take it off that I built with dirt, shovels and planks. I can remember finding turtles and building them little ponds and bridges and having full conversations with them as if we would be friends forever. I can remember the candlelight and the smell of the wood stove that would burn all day and night to keep our cabin warm, and would act as the central heart to our survival, asking only to be fed the logs that we would split together, or that mainly he would split and I would carry. I can remember walking along the riverbeds and skipping stones, picking apples, blueberries, strawberries from there respective fields. There was no money. we didn't have a pot to piss in, and yet everything was so fucking pure. I had the love of a strong willed father and of the nature that surrounded me. As well as the reminders of the awesome strength nature has that is more important than any force human has created yet. You ain't SHIT next to nature, but that's beside the point. At night through the trees you could see the stars shine so brightly, and the moon, at its strongest periods, would cast shadows in between the beams that would bounce back under the branches from the snow. I broke 7 bones as a scrawny mountain kid because I refused to slow down. I was the real life Mowgli and my father was Balloo. I also remember the scary times. Sometimes my mother's boyfriends, who were always outlaws from different bike clubs, would visit my dad in a non friendly manner. But when you're raising a boy on your own in the mountains in the 80's in New Hampshire you gotta be tough, and tough he was. I was protected by a man that didn't take any shit and had zero fucks but to raise me to the best of his ability and that's exactly what he did. And every night the rice and beans would be on the table. My dirt-bike hands would find a basin, and I would fall asleep knowing that one day I would be big and strong like him. Some where in the early 90's, between my 6th and 7th year of being alive we would move to Cape Cod to take over an old house my Grandmother left to my father. It felt like a paradise and yet I instantly knew I wasn't like anyone else. My hair was shaggy and my clothes didn't have any brand names on them. Suddenly there were so many people, cars, infrastructure. It was wild. It didn't take long to start getting bullied in school by the rich kids (even though they weren't as rich as the kids in the private schools). I remember this one rich kid whose name I will not say only because I believe he wound up killing himself as an adult and it wouldn't be fair to vilify the actions of a 7 year old ... but I remember this kid making fun of me everyday, with his perfect hair and his golden Kennedy smile. One day I asked my dad what to do... Dad: Is he bigger than you Little Johnny: Yes Dad: Well you gotta step on his toes see, and when he looks down... thats when you go in for the uppercut! I remember falling for girls way before anyone else. It didn't take me long at all to realize how amazing they were. The first time I ever heard a kid say "Ew cooties" I knew the word was lame as fuck. I was just like whatever dude, I'll push her on the swing. I never liked hanging out with the boys very much unless they had dirt-bikes or BB guns or at least moms that would make big greasy cheeseburgers and had kitchens full of Yoplaits and Lunchables; Hoodsie cups and all the shit I didn't have. In fact I kind of blew up for a few years because when my dad wasn't around I'd pack junk into my body, all the flavors that didn't grow in the woods of New Hampshire. At around 10 Id start to get into boats since I was surrounded by the ocean and because my father was building wooden boats to sell for extra income. I would take my friends out all on our own to go fishing in the rivers and ocean. And if my dad wouldn't let me take a boat for some reason I would steal someone else's (and return it of course). I would sneak into the fancy condos and hotels and use their pools, and when I was older into the mansions to hang out with the Connecticut girls that came down for the summer when their folks were passed out from shrimp and white wine afternoons. Rich girls love the poor bad boys. (I'd learn that lesson in the realest way later on down the road when I bought my first street bike) It was the 90's in America and I had the "Golden Ticket" to live on Cape Cod, and what a glorious time it was. ------ Im gonna fast forward here. Ive set the stage for you to better understand my upbringing. I could go into much further detail and make this a hell of a lot more congruent and interesting than it is glazing over the basics, but one day you will have a book and probably a movie that goes far deeper. For now I will draw closer to the point of this post.---- At 14 my father grew rapidly and unexpectedly very ill. It all happened so fast, and suddenly I was taller than him as well. I went from having this big burly biker hero to caring for a man who could barely stand. For many years. I had always had small jobs as i was never given an allowance, but now I had to work for real. I can remember driving to the store to pick up milk and cigarettes.. or to bring my father to the hospital. It was also during this time that my education would begin to suffer, because instead of coming home to do homework every night I would spend the last 4-5 hours of daylight after school carrying shingles up a ladder to some asshole boss before going home to make dinner for us. I managed to have good times in high school too, My father would become seemingly healthier from time to time and so when he WAS well I managed to party and hang with girls, and come of age in a somewhat normal fashion. It wasn't ALL work, but regardless while my peers were picking out what colleges they would go to, I would fall short of graduating high school. I even joined the Army's DEP (Delayed Entry Program, as I was still too young for basic) and was ready to go because I didn't know how else I could get further education. Not graduating changed my course of action because I didn't want to settle for a GED or make my father feel responsible for anything so I took correspondence courses (packet courses) and made sure to get a real Diploma from Dennis Yarmouth High school. (Interestingly enough he got better after that.) One of the courses I took during this time was an entire history of Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution. Not only would I begin to become enthralled by politics, but I also learned at this time that if I studied on my own, and out of a classroom, I could learn so much more, and more quickly than I could when sharing lessons in a room with other kids and a teacher. I realized I was the type that was designed for self education. It was so exciting! I didn't need college, or the military. I could do this on my own. The internet was suddenly a really effective tool. Politics however, what a fascinating subject. It was especially interesting because at this very time We were smack dab in the center of the GW Bush administrations first term. It was like this whole new world was open to exploration for me as I dove deeper into my research and studies. And a very interesting time because many of my friends were being shipped off to war either to never return or to return as a completely different version of themselves... a distant memory of a soul I once knew flickering in their eyes, but altogether changed for ever. And I'll take this opportunity to state that there has NEVER been a president who has put enough effort, attention, medical care or financing into the veterans of war. Never. Not Red or Blue has there ever been a president that has handled this matter correctly and its absolutely shameful. I still study to this day. I study the histories of America and many other countries, I study politics, and I study war. In fact I would be willing to bet I understand the political landscape of this America far beyond the scope of any of my accusers who think my only purpose on earth is to play a fucking guitar. While from 17 years old on I may have experimented with almost all of the drugs, been in and out of trouble with the "law" and managed to live the wildest 20's that anyone could possibly imagine in NYC and beyond, I have never lost touch with self education. I do not speak on issues that I am not up to speed with, or that I don't have hands on experience with and if I do I am big enough to admit my mistakes. I.E. If you think I don't have any experience with the history of the confederate south and or it's statues let me share with you this. My mother's side of the family is from North Carolina and Mississippi. I am a direct descendant (great great grandson) of Orindatus Simon Bolivar Wall, which I urge you to google. Half of my family were slavers. Slavers who bred with their own slaves thus creating Orindatus, A famous black abolitionist who would go on to become the first black Captain in the U.S. Army. The next generation of his family, of my family, would begin to breed themselves white out of fear and embarrassment and you may read the book "The Invisible Line: Three American Families and Secret Journey from Black to White" if you are so inclined. Isabel is my grandmother. If you have made it this far, congratulations I am going to explain to you why this post and the things I speak up about most often are NOT political. I could give a FUCK whether or not you are a Republican or a Democrat or whatever your political affiliation is. I myself personally border on Anarchist because even through all of my studies I have yet to find an example of a government that works out in the long run. What I get worked up about is basic human rights. I feel that most Trump supporters are afraid to admit that they were wrong when they voted for a lunatic because they don't want to be embarrassed in front of the snobby liberals they loath so much. But what we have here today is a situation that is beyond the political spectrum. We are America, we are supposed to lift each other up. Even when you hit little susie in the back of the head with the dodgeball at recess you eventually pick her up when you see her feelings are hurt from everyone laughing at her. Our humanity is all we have.. how in the world could we possibly support such a vile person, no matter what your political affiliation. He will not make America great again. He will systematically tear us all apart until we have so many camps and factions arguing with each other that we can easily be defeated by the government and then you will have absolutely no rights. United we stand and Divided we fall. They will use you in order to get what they want and then dispose of your freedoms and rights. It's happening very rapidly and its happening daily and it's happened time and time again in many other countries. I love America. I am a full on American. I am as American as it gets. I am the epitome of a blue collared mother fucking citizen of the United States of America and I am very far from being an "out of touch Hollywood elite". I am the definition of a Patriot who loves his country and the people that live in it. If I was more American I would be a god damned apple pie. I read old western novels and other legendary tales of American folklore. I like cinema and Lucille Ball. I like pretty blonde girls and cookouts, I like surfboards and celebrating the 4th of July and picking pumpkins in the fall. I support the men and women that make up the military (even if I don't agree with the misuse of the federal budget.) My younger Brother, Elijah, is a 19 year old UNITED STATES MARINE and I could not be prouder of him. If I cant kick your ass that son of a bitch will. I love America. I also love the rest of this world. I have friends in Germany, In Columbia, in Australia. I have friends in Russia, France, and Holland. In Thailand and in Japan. I stay close with people everywhere because this planet is fucking beautiful and it is filled with so many more people that wish for love than hate. I'm even sitting in London right now as i type this. If you are angry that you aren't where you want to be in life there are two things you can do about it. You can stay angry and I guarantee absolutely no progress will be made for you, or you can work to try and change your personal situation, even if it seems impossible. And if it IS impossible, than why be angry? It is time to come together and recognize that allowing a man like this to hold office, who so clearly has no ones best interest other than his own, is a mistake. It isn't even about who voted for him at this point. At this point it would be a mistake on ALL of our parts to allow this to continue. We are all responsible for this fuck up. We are not born prejudiced, it is something we are taught, and it is something that can be untaught as well. I urge you to call your congressman, senators and city officials to call on the Impeachment of Donald Trump. I understand that Pence isn't exactly anyones first choice, but Its clear he would buy us more time and most likely compromise our relations with the rest of the world at a less rapid rate. We don't have to go any further backwards. I will not apologize for using the platform we have worked so hard to achieve to speak on matters this important. ( Yes, Rich and Ryan feel wholeheartedly the same) I urge you to help spread this message. It is very real and the time for action is now. This is why we are here. Thank you from a patriot, Johnny Stevens Kommentoi


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