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Passion Pit Spoke with Dr. Lee an Dr. Nestler the other week. Our conversation focused on Gossamer and Tremendous Sea of Love, the two Passion Pit albums that framed our larger conversation. The albums served to pinpoint critical moments in my life with a mental illness and as an advocate. We spoke about those records in regards to mental illness. From there, we moved to advocacy, scientific research, ways to advance the discussion and develop action around the treatment of mental illness -- and plenty of other topics that yielded a boatload of priceless gestures and facial expressions on my part. Truly unparalleled. That's what I look like when I talk about science. Despite the weighty subject material (at times, at least), it's always an honor speaking with these two. They are amazing people and I'm grateful to the two of them for both personal and general reasons. They have done and continue to do remarkable work. They've also provided me with great insight and guidance while developing the Wishart Group's first steps and initiatives. Thank you to everyone that came out! We'll be posting video and a transcript really soon. Thanks to Bianca Caampued, David Haggerty, and, Michael Wells, of course. And again, many thanks to Dr. Lee and Dr. Nestler, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Weill Cornell Medicine. Really looking forward to what's next 🌊❤️ Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Friedman Brain Institute Weill Cornell Medicine #weneedscience Kommentoi
Passion Pit I will be talking with Zane Lowe about Tremendous Sea of Love and playing the track "I'm Perfect" tomorrow on Beats 1


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