Betty Who - Kuulumiset

@bettywho I’m going to miss this so much. This walk-on, your faces, these songs, my crew, this TOUR... thank you to every person who bought a ticket, a t shirt, who waited outside, and of course a special thanks to the best bus full of weirdos the greater United States has ever seen. Plus the best #thesweatlife team @lululemon ❤️❤️❤️ There’s been countless times in my life when I’ve been too busy or tired or distracted to look around and realise something really special is happening all around me. This tour was not one of those times. Three nights in D.C., filming @tinydesk, two nights in Seattle, Chicago and L.A., the return of Betty Confetti, the birth of a whole other Betty who had fireworks at a show once and now won’t let it go... It has been and will always be the greatest honour of my life, giving you all I have from whatever stage you’ll allow me to be on. I am so grateful for your time, your dedication, your stories, your lives... how lucky that I get to be a part of them, singing you to sleep or accompanying you on long road trips, consoling you over broken hearts or celebrating the love of your life... thank you all for bringing me along in your epic lives. I’ve been doing this for 7 years now, hustling, evolving, learning... And for most of those 7 years it’s been work first, dreams eventually. This tour has felt like, for the first time, my dreams are in action. They’re coming true. All because of you. So here’s me, taking my moment right before walking into the very last show, ready to give you everything I got. Until next time friends. It’s #pride time 💃🏼 Kommentoi