Dear friends,

on July 5 and 6, Leipzig witnessed the sold-out premieres of “Wagner Reloaded”, the celebrated musical collaboration of award-winning choreographer Gregor Seyffert and Apocalyptica. The exuberant event was created in celebration of Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday, showcasing a rich blend of brilliant dance performances, circus and theater arts, audiovisual effects, and unique live music. We are excited to announce a state-of-the-art Live CD of “Wagner Reloaded” featuring Apocalyptica and the MDR Symphony Orchestra to be released November 15, 2013.


For everyone who has missed the spectacle the first time around: Don’t worry. You now have the chance to pre-order your copy of the superb live recording. Right here, you can also get a strictly limited autographed version of the album DC & vinyl, or an even more personal edition with individual dedication. — here’s an overview of the choices we’ve put together for you:

1. Album
2. Autographed album (limited)
3. Autographed album with personal dedication (limited)

4. Vinyl
5. Autographed vinyl (limited)
6. Autographed vinyl with personal dedication (limited)

This is your opportunity for an exceptional memory on CD/vinyl, recorded live in July 2013.

We are currently working on additional special offers – watch out!

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